Go Park Yourself: Honda Redefines Remote-Controlled Cars

When you were a child, do you remember playing with a remote-controlled car? These classic toys have been popular for decades among children, who light up when their cars spark to life just by pushing a button on the remote control. As a child, there’s something about being able to control your very own car that seems so cool.

Honda engineers in Japan have been hard at work developing the technology for an adult-sized remote-controlled car. You can’t go crashing these cars into walls, though, because they are fully functioning electric models. The prototype for the project can drive itself into a home carport and even recharge its own battery, all from the push of a button on a smartphone.

The video above shows a demonstration that took place just outside Tokyo earlier this month. When the driver exits the vehicle, he or she simply uses his or her smartphone to instruct the Honda to park itself. A computer inside the vehicle containing data about the house and garage utilizes cameras installed in the garage to prevent the car from hitting obstacles. Then, the Honda drives itself into the carport and parks over a no-contact wireless charging station. With another push of a button on the driver’s smartphone, the electric vehicle can also charge itself.

This demonstration follows a test Honda did last year, during which researchers experimented with a driverless valet parking system. The goal behind this test was that the driver would be able to pull up in front of a destination, such as a store, get out of the car and use his or her smartphone to instruct the vehicle to park itself. Then, when the driver was ready to leave, he or she could simply press another button, and the car would arrive for pickup.

According to the chief researcher on the project, his team hopes this cutting-edge technology will be ready for use in the near future. Until the day arrives where remote-control cars are commonplace in everyday life, check out the eco-friendly models with advanced technology Honda is currently offering at our Honda dealership in Gurnee.

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