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Nissan Shows Off Self-Parking Office Chairs

It’s no secret that the vehicle of the future is going to drive itself. In fact, the vehicles here at our Nissan dealership in Milwaukee, WI, already come with incredible technology that enables them to park for you! But what if the innovative tech used the pilot Nissan vehicles snugly into parking spaces was applied to other areas of life? Nissan asked that exact question, and the answer they came up with is surprisingly clever: self-parking chairs.

Everyone who’s working in an office has known the battle through a conference room strewn haphazardly with seating apparati seemingly placed precisely so it would be as difficult as possible for everyone to get into the room and sit down. But with Nissan’s new self-piloting chair tech, there’s no reason to fear. With just a clap of the hands, these intelligent people-holders maneuver their way back to pre-set positions. Whether you’re just walking into a room or just leaving one, it’s quick and easy to get everything tidy.

“By day, these chairs are inanimate objects,” Nissan says, positioning the chairs as a Batman-like symbol of greater justice, “By night, they park!”

Check out the video below to see them in action, and head to this Nissan press release for making-of footage. We can’t sell you self-parking chairs, but we do have self-parking cars, so pay us a visit today to get the next-best thing!