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Nissan Teams Up with 100 Universities, Will Support Select NCAA Championships

Nissan College 100Nissan is going back to school thanks to a four-year sponsorship with 100 universities and select NCAA Championships. Having made the widest-reaching deal in the history of collegiate sports, Nissan is set to make big waves as the automaker goes full-steam ahead with its latest “go-big” marketing strategy. The goal is to bring unforgettable marketing moments to consumers and college-sports fans nationwide, so keep an eye out for an ad near you!

“This program gives Nissan an unmatched and unprecedented connection to college-sports fans,” said Jeremy Tucker, vice president of Marketing Communications and Media at Nissan North America in an announcement. “It allows Nissan to share amazing moments with students, alumni and fans — at every men’s and every women’s sport. Wherever fans go to follow these student-athletes, we’ll be there.”

From Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard to perennial powerhouses such as Ohio State University and, of course, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, it’s clear that the select universities that make up the Nissan College 100 are the best of the best. In addition to partnering with universities, the deal provides Nissan the rights to activate at select NCAA Championship events. Over the next four years, expect to see plenty from the Nissan brand at and during coverage of some of the nation’s best collegiate events!

Fans and student-athletes alike will benefit from this historic deal as well, as support from the campaign extends to scholarship funds, facilities upgrades (including weight rooms, equipment, video boards, Wi-Fi), tutoring programs and much more. It’s safe to say this move will have a lasting impact on both Nissan and the world of college athletics.

If one of the vehicles in Nissan’s ads stands out to you, get in touch with the staff at our Nissan dealership near West Allis, WI, so that you can take it out for a test-drive. We’re excited to take part in all that the future holds for Nissan and the Nissan College 100!