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Admire the Artwork of Hisashi Saito’s Mechanical Illustrations for Honda

Isashi Saito Mechanical Illustration for Honda

Most people recognize that there is a link between art and car design, but we rarely make the same connection when it comes to engineering. Japanese illustrator Hisashi Saito worked with Honda in the 1970s and ’80s, producing a unique type of artwork that was featured in Honda’s catalogs and advertisements.

As you can see in the gallery, Saito’s drawings were extremely detailed and realistic. Rather than using photographs to show elements like dashboards, exterior design or engine blocks, Honda chose to portray them as works of art. Saito had a personal way to illustrate how engine parts fit together or how different systems are connected. He offered Honda fans a very accurate and pleasing way of understanding how their vehicle was put together by giving them a look into these hidden elements.

If you want to learn more about the mechanics of Honda vehicles, come to our Illinois Honda dealership, take a look under the hood and talk to our knowledgeable staff about Honda’s amazing engineering.

Could Single-Seaters Be the Future of Commuting?

Hyundai encourages its engineers to come up with innovative concepts every year and present them at the IDEA festival. There are no boundaries for their creativity. Different teams pit their prototypes against each other in a series of challenges in front of a panel of judges. The contest takes place at Hyundai’s research and development center in Korea.

Some of the concepts from last year included a multi-rotor flying car, an egg-shaped personal mobility vehicle and a spare tire that turns into an electric bike, among others. The teams are judged according to creativity, technology development, fun and relevance.

Check out the video showcasing some of the concepts last year. You could be witnessing the future of personal transportation. In the meantime, the car is still firmly the most popular option, and we have plenty of them here at our Hyundai dealership in Illinois. Drive a Hyundai and experience how all these creative minds are continuously improving our vehicles.

Download ‘Into Darkness’ App and Win Rewards with Mazda6 and Star Trek

Mazda Into Darkness

“Into Darkness,” the latest movie in the Star Trek saga, will be in theaters May 17, 2013. If you can’t wait until opening night, you don’t have to. Mazda6 and Paramount pictures have released an app for your iPhone or Android device that will send you on weekly real-life missions as you delve into the Star Trek universe.

These scavenger hunts will require you to scan images and go to cool locations in the real world, like Mazda showrooms, to find Star Trek content. Complete the missions successfully and you will be promoted in rank until you become an admiral. Prizes include tickets, posters and more.

Download the app here and come to our Illinois Mazda dealership during your missions. We have the Mazda6 and all other Mazda vehicles in our showroom. You’ll be able to boldly drive to any frontier!