Nissan Teams Up with 100 Universities, Will Support Select NCAA Championships

Nissan College 100Nissan is going back to school thanks to a four-year sponsorship with 100 universities and select NCAA Championships. Having made the widest-reaching deal in the history of collegiate sports, Nissan is set to make big waves as the automaker goes full-steam ahead with its latest “go-big” marketing strategy. The goal is to bring unforgettable marketing moments to consumers and college-sports fans nationwide, so keep an eye out for an ad near you!

“This program gives Nissan an unmatched and unprecedented connection to college-sports fans,” said Jeremy Tucker, vice president of Marketing Communications and Media at Nissan North America in an announcement. “It allows Nissan to share amazing moments with students, alumni and fans — at every men’s and every women’s sport. Wherever fans go to follow these student-athletes, we’ll be there.”

From Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard to perennial powerhouses such as Ohio State University and, of course, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, it’s clear that the select universities that make up the Nissan College 100 are the best of the best. In addition to partnering with universities, the deal provides Nissan the rights to activate at select NCAA Championship events. Over the next four years, expect to see plenty from the Nissan brand at and during coverage of some of the nation’s best collegiate events!

Fans and student-athletes alike will benefit from this historic deal as well, as support from the campaign extends to scholarship funds, facilities upgrades (including weight rooms, equipment, video boards, Wi-Fi), tutoring programs and much more. It’s safe to say this move will have a lasting impact on both Nissan and the world of college athletics.

If one of the vehicles in Nissan’s ads stands out to you, get in touch with the staff at our Nissan dealership near West Allis, WI, so that you can take it out for a test-drive. We’re excited to take part in all that the future holds for Nissan and the Nissan College 100!

The Nissan IDS Concept: The Future of Autonomous Driving

Nissan IDS ConceptThe demand for zero-emission Electric Vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving is ever growing, and Nissan wants to capitalize on the wide-open markets. Engineers have significant progression in both fields at the forefront of their minds, and they are motivated to revolutionize the ways that people travel. This mission is slowly coming to fruition, especially with the recent reveal of the Nissan IDS Concept in Japan.

It’s safe to say that, with vehicles such as the Nissan IDS Concept set for release in the imminent future, driving is about to get a whole lot easier and more eco-friendly. Pairing advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI), Nissan plans to create a driving experience like never before. Sooner or later, your car will be guiding itself around town while keeping you safer and more entertained than any current vehicle ever could.

“In every situation, it is about giving the driver more choices and greater control. And the driver will remain the focus of our technology development efforts,” said Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn according to a press release.

So while you may not always be steering your vehicle in the near future, the whole experience will be centered around the driver and his or her peace of mind. Much of the research that has gone into the IDS Concept has revolved around safety and how exactly Nissan can do their part to reach the ultimate goal — zero traffic fatalities (as well as zero emissions).

Evolving EV technology is also a big part of the plan at Nissan, with long-distance, eco-friendly driving of the utmost importance. The engineers are having a fun time designing futuristic zero-emission vehicles that still offer steadfast performance. You can stay up to date on all the latest developments by speaking with the team at our Nissan dealership in Milwaukee!

Kia Models Are Full of Innovations That Make Fall Driving Special

Kia TechnologyOwning a Kia means a lot of things, but most importantly it means you have a cutting-edge car that’ll make fall life in Wisconsin that much easier to enjoy. Sure, the impending snow may be on your mind and the temperatures are dropping daily, but that’s no excuse not to get the most out of the next two months! Every Kia model comes with an array of standard and available technology features that’ll make every daily drive or weekend adventure one to remember.

Check out all the stunning new models we have available on the lot at our Kia dealership in Milwaukee, WI, and take your favorite out for a test-drive to see how the features below can provide you with an experience unlike any other.

UVO Infotainment System

There’s nothing better than having a handy sidekick during your explorations, and that’s exactly what you get with Kia’s UVO infotainment system. Whether you need voice-recognition and hands-free calling to keep your hands on the wheel or you want access to a slew of helpful apps, the UVO system is always lending a helping hand. Need directions to the closest apple orchard for a day of apple-picking with the family or significant other? The UVO will guide you wherever you need! Plus, with perks like the Park Minder feature that can be used via the UVO smartphone app, you’ll never lose track of your vehicle.

Idle, Stop & Go Technology

If you want to get out on the road and view all the foliage across the state, your Kia will likely be the perfect vehicle to do it with. When your Kia is equipped with the innovative Idle, Stop & Go technology, your car always squeezes every last ounce out of your tank. The engine will turn off when you come to a complete stop and restart once you take your foot off the brake pedal. This helps reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and most importantly, wear and tear on your engine!


Putting a smile on your face and pleasing your eardrums are a range of entertainment features that make riding along in the Kia enjoyable for people of all ages. You have access to HD radio for crystal-clear audio, SiriusXM satellite radio for a variety of listening options and SiriusXM Travel Link so you can drive smarter. If you’re looking to visit some relatives for Thanksgiving or want to travel around to view some Halloween decorations around town, hop in your Kia and enjoy the ride!

Take advantage of the weather before the snow falls and enjoy all these features while you travel!